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Welcome to MAZsoft site! I hope you'll find something interesting to you here.

6 november 2003: QGrabber/Win 0.1.0 released at last

  • You can get it here.

27 april 2003: New version of NTFSview have been released

  • You can get NTFSview here.

24 april 2003: NTFSview have been released to public

  • You can get NTFSview here.
  • Go to 'About us' page and look on the new status indicator ;-).

20 february 2003: First annivesary of site

  • Time passes very quickly, and I didn't even noticed that it's time to celebrate first MAZsoft Site annivesary :-). For those who are interested, I'm now working on Psi project. When I'll finish yet another utility I'll post news here ;-).
  • Additions/corrections to 'About us' section.

6 october 2002: Yet another QGrabber update

  • Now it finally compiles on Windows. You can get it here.

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